All You Need To Know About Interior Design

All You Need To Know About Interior Design

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Who doesn’t love to have a cozy and cheerful environment at home especially when they invite their friends or fellows? Also, we love to hear that our friends or guests are left with the saying: “Wow! How incredible the house is yours?

Five keys to an excellent Interior Design:

1. Functional preliminary analysis and theoretical study:

Where you see a good job of interior design before there has been an excellent preliminary analysis and academic research. Every good project begins with a thorough prior analysis and detailed study of the specific case.

Without a sound theoretical knowledge of all the variables and premises that we have, we will hardly get a good result. We will analyze the object of the assignment, the objectives, the way to get them, the points in favor, against, and the methodology to follow.

We also perform an intromission exercise in the mind of our client, trying to feel like him, living like him, thinking like him … and by ourselves, analyze all the weapons that we have to give the ultimate solution.

This will be personalized, unique and non-transferable, in which nothing has been left to chance and improvisation. Any decision taken will be supported by a sufficiently strong argument and the result of that phase of the previous study that justifies every one of them.

2. Balance in Interior Design:

An excellent architectural project is one in which aesthetic, functional and structural factors have reached a point of total equilibrium. Although in particular cases and due to circumstances that are justifiable at all times, the situation may arise that one of them has more presence than the rest.

Obviously, if you are thinking about hiring an interior designer, the balance of these factors in your future project will not be able to evaluate it until afterward, but if you can study the plan executes in approach by the interior expert.

3. Passion for Interior Design:

In general, the illusion and love for our work, for our small world, is our primary motivation. It occurs many of us just like our profession. However, according to my experience in interior design, enthusiasm or passion is appreciated in every projected area.

It is totally impossible to obtain good results without a significant dose of love for the profession and the plastic arts in general. Passion and work, there is no more. It is not too challenging to find the enthusiasm for your job when you participate in discussion with an expert, listen to him and you will know if he is selling you a project or telling you a story about interior design.

4. Execution tracking:

Another significant part of the interior design is the execution tracking. It is more significant than the first part of creativity.

As in birth, no father would like to miss the birth of his child. Besides, what is more, a better accomplishment could minimize the effect of specific project issues, but a wrong achievement will of course ruin any project nevertheless strong it might be.

Throughout this period it is expected that qualification will increase, different explanations… therefore we should continue the project until the end. The judgment that influences it will be focused in a way, thereby maintaining the original formula.

5. The premiere of commercial interior design

Commercial interior design is one of the most significant parts of our services. Once the engineering of the project is complete when it comes to commercial interior design, it is essential to make it familiar, show it to the community or friends or colleagues, etc.

Also it is legal for residential project but not with the same reference, because in commercial interior design it gets an essential advantage for the customer as much as it has introduced a business, and what suspicion is there, to uncover its forethought to the world and its way to realizing life and the company will review not some rewards. 

The project makes sense when people judge the work. The final judgment by the clients forms a company best and helps them to learn and improve every day. 

Interior designer in Dhaka Bangladesh
Interior designer in Dhaka Bangladesh

Differences between interior decoration and interior design:

For most people, there is confusion between the concept of interior design and decoration. However, each of these disciplines requires different types of skills. Let’s see the key differences between interior decoration and interior design:

•    Interior design is the science & art of knowing the conduct of people to make working areas within a structure. On the other hand, the interior decoration consists of furnishing and decorating a space with elements that are in trend.

•    The interior design should encompass more studies than interior decoration.

•    Interior designers often must know architecture, while decorators are limited to the ornament.

•    The interior designer has to deal with the structure and efficiency of the space, while the decorator is only responsible for placing the furniture, carpets.


Interior design is the specialty or practice that deals with the treatment of the different elements that are introduced in a given space and that help to generate a specific environment, atmosphere, and aesthetic purpose. is one of the best interior and architectural firms in Bangladesh.

 Here you will get an extensive and complete design service by our expert group of professionals and designers. If you feel that you could not manage your Interior Design in your home, you are always welcome to our site.

We will offer you the services including architectural design, interior design, architectural consultancy, urban planning, sustainable design, and engineering services, etc. We are aware of the immense value that this implies for our clients but without a doubt what most satisfies us is their own satisfaction.

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